Tips to Fall More Deeply in Love

Tips to Fall More Deeply in Love

Don't Skip the Small Things

Building and living a life with someone is a way to grow closer to them. Things like having breakfast every morning together or talking about your days before you go to sleep can have a big impact. If you truly make someone a constant part of your day-to-day life, your connection will strengthen. "Feeling like someone is part of your life, part of your family, and part of your identity, that deepens your love," shares Schatz. "If you've made a choice to put your lives together, to share a life together, that means you aren't two separate selves, and you will grow closer."

Overcome Challenges Together

One of the best ways to strengthen your love is to overcome challenges together. If you are working through something difficult as a couple—maybe you are trying to have a baby or addressing debt—approach it together as a team. If you are having trouble as an individual (Do you have a difficult boss at work or are you struggling with a demanding family member?), let your partner help you. Not only will it feel good to accomplish something together, but you will also learn new things about your partner that might amaze you. "Any challenges that come up, being able to support each other through them will deepen your love," explains Schatz. "Even if the outcome of the challenge isn’t successful, the love can be successful."

Have an Adventure

Life can get busy and it is too easy to fall into a rut as a couple. Make time to escape your day-to-day routine by doing something that stimulates and excites you. (Maybe you've always wanted to try rock climbing or travel somewhere exotic?). You will see a side of your partner you don't normally get to see, and that will help renew and deepen your love for him or her.

Work on Yourself

You have to be open to loving someone and being loved in return. And that means feeling confident about yourself, adds Schatz. "Working on yourself makes you more available for love. If you are really working on knowing yourself and knowing what you need and who you are, the easier it is to love someone."