Hottest Foreplay Moves That Men Love!

Every man loves it when you use your hands while you give him a blow job.  Use one hand to pull his penis back and forth and use the other to touch his testicles while your tongue does the job. This is one touch and sensation that will blow his mind away

Try to find out his weak spot, that one spot that makes him all mad and aroused. For some men, the neck is a sensitive area while for others it is the ears. So find out his weak spot and once you have, you know what to do next. For instance, touch or lick his ears, bite it slowly and give him goose bumps.  Men want women to know that licking, nibbling or even sucking weak spots gives immense pleasure to them

Kinky is pleasure for men. Go out of your comfort zone and introduce something that you have never done before in your sex life. You get several sex products in the market, so your options aren’t limited too. You can maybe tie him up or blind fold him and do everything that you know will make him mad. For a change, your man will love being restricted and dominated

Now this one might come as a surprise to many. Several men like it when their lady love focuses more on the nipples area.  Start by kissing the neck, go down slowly, lick his nipples and then slowly lick it and suck it. Do not do it for the sake of it and do it like you mean it.  Be there for few minutes and everything that happens later will only be the best.