Sex Tips For Men Who Want To Be Great In Bed

Use Your Mouth

No, not like that (trust us, we’ll get to that soon). We’re talking about using your words. Communication is key to any satisfying sexual encounter. Be open with your partner about what you desire and prefer in bed. Either talk about it beforehand or use body language to guide your partner to what feels best. Of course, ask about what they like, too. Remember, you can’t deliver them a good time if you don’t know what they’re craving to begin with.

Take Your Time Down There

Don’t rush the experience. Tend to other parts of your partner’s body while you’re going down on them. Tease your partner as you’re warming them up. Instead of zeroing in on the clitoris and going to town, get the entire area wet. After some build-up, be firmer, gradually increasing speed and paying attention to signs of whether there’s too much stimulation or if your partner wants more.

Be Present

“Presence,” says Steffo Shambo, founder of Tantric Academy of Sacred Sexuality, “is one of the sexiest things you can ever bring to the bedroom.” Be intentional about focusing on your partner, giving them your undivided attention, and be as in the moment as possible. “Presence is when you are completely there with your whole body, mind, and soul. Not distracted in thoughts or restless in your body,” he says. “When presence is done right, it can seem like time stands still and hours of lovemaking have gone by in a blink of an eye.”

Move Sex Out of the Bedroom

Start small. Get it on in the living room. Or even head into the shower together. Small shakeups in the routine can have a huge impact on your attitude towards sex.