Honeymoon Sex , From the Experts

Dr. Jacquie Del Rosario, a marriage coach, recommends adding in foreplay throughout your getaway without actually giving into having sex. "Hold back the drive to fulfill your wantonness until that evening," she says. "This stirs up a stronger passion for one another and is more likely to yield good sex."

According to Dr. Skyler, the best sex often flows when we are relaxed. For this reason, she urges couples to create a honeymoon scenario that allows both partners to feel at ease. "Some might need more adventure, some might need total off-duty time," she says. "Either way, compromise to ensure both partners get their needs met and feel relaxed enough to connect sexually during or after!"

Unless you have a relationship where one partner is always sexually in charge and the other is more submissive, Dr. Skyler recommends taking turns being the sexual director while you're honeymooning. "Choose which day you are the director and create your set and setting, and think through what you want to emerge, and at what pace," she says. "Taking turns sets up the relationship to mutually give and receive as the couple moves forward in life."

Showing your partner all the ways in which you appreciate him or her will always be beneficial to your relationship. Dr. Nelson suggests upping the appreciation-showing during your trip if you want to have hot honeymoon sex. "You always get more of what you appreciate," she says. "This is a secret that will help you for the rest of your marriage."