Here Are The Best Honeymoon Sex Tips to Make This A Vacation To Remember

Experts say this is super, super important. “Don't have expectations of this being a sort of fairy tale sexual experience,” Durvasula says. That’s especially clutch, she says, if you’re having sex for the first time. Read: Don’t assume it’ll be the real-life version of the Bridgerton honeymoon sex montage.

Even if you eloped, getting married is a huge deal—and also a little stressful. Ditto for traveling. So, don’t panic if you’re not exactly in the mood the minute you get to your vacation spot. “Give yourself a few days to come down,” Durvasula says. “Don't feel the need to start having lots of sex as soon as you arrive at your destination.”

If your bedroom communication hasn’t been as open as you’d like, now is the time to change that. “Communication about what you want is a key element of healthy sex,” Durvasula says. “A honeymoon is sometimes conceptualized as a ‘sex focused’ vacation, so maybe that can give permission to making sex, and talking about it, front and center as well.”

For the record, you don’t have to experiment. But, if you’ve been interested in using some toys (just, make sure you have lube before you break them out) or trying out new positions, you’ve got the time rn. “Some couples like to experiment; others like to stick to what works—both are fine,” Durvasula says. “In the perceived safety of a marriage, people may be more willing to take some risks.”