best sex advice

Want to know if your partner likes to talk dirty? Say something  like, "You make me think dirty thoughts." Ease in slowly. It's best to  test the waters a bit, rather than immediately go for your deepest,  kinkiest dirty talk right off the bat. Here's our guide to talking dirty in bed.

Roleplay requires a huge suspension of disbelief, but if you can  fully commit, the payoff can be massive. Many popular roles  (boss/secretary, teacher/student, stripper/customer) play on the theme  of one person being in control, while the other is at their mercy.

If your partner has a vulva, there's a very good chance they  need clitoral stimulation in order to climax—P-in-V intercourse alone  isn't gonna cut it. As for the best way to stimulate your partner's  clitoris? An Indiana University  survey of 1,055 women found that 3 out of 4 respondents like it when a partner traces circles  on their clitoris with their fingers or tongue. But if you're not  entirely sure what drives your partner wild, ask them!

Stimulating the perineum—the area between your balls and your  butt—can feel really good during masturbation or sex. "This area is  packed with nerve-endings, so it feels really sensitive," Arlene  Goldman, Ph.D., co-author of Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy, told Men's Health. You can also ask your partner to apply pressure to the area during oral sex.