1. Adjust your attitude.

You might not be able to change your spouse, but you can change your attitude, and it just may make a world of difference in your marriage.

2. Show affection and warmth.

Simple words and actions that demonstrate your love for your spouse can change your spouse’s mood and the atmosphere in your home.

3. Offer encouragement.

t takes nine affirming comments to make up for one critical comment. If you are like most people, you owe your spouse a boatload of encouragement. Watch for opportunities (and then take them!) to give your husband or wife an affirming word.

4. Give sexual intimacy the time and attention it deserves.

Are you too tired to work on this? Then your priorities are in the wrong place. Find at least two hours per week to spend on romance and intimacy. And flirt with your spouse—reminding him or her that he or she is still the apple of your eye.

5. Be friends with your spouse.

he basic principles of friendship should also apply to marriage, too: friends tend to have more patience with each other; they extend grace, forgiveness, and kindness towards one another; and they have fun together.