Levitra 500

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Levitra 500 Tab creation incorporates levetiracetam as a functioning fixing and is an anticonvulsant endorsed during epilepsy. The conventional name of Levitra 500mg Tab is Levetiracetam.

Levitra Tablet is an enemy of epileptic medication used to treat seizures (fits) in epilepsy. It very well may be utilized alone or alongside different drugs.

Levitra 500 Tablet smothers the strange electrical movement in the cerebrum. You can take it regardless of food however attempt to take it simultaneously every day to get the most advantage. The portion will rely upon your situation and how you answer the drug. Your PCP will prompt the right portion for you. It is by and large prompted as a drawn out treatment. You ought to keep taking it however long your PCP has told you to, regardless of whether you feel great. On the off chance that you stop or miss portions your seizures could deteriorate.

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A few normal results of this medication incorporate unsteadiness, migraine, contamination, disturbance, nasal blockage (stodgy nose), lethargy, conduct changes, forceful way of behaving, and diminished craving. Secondary effects are more normal during the initial not many weeks and generally decrease as your body becomes acclimated to the medication. A large portion of these aftereffects don’t require clinical consideration, however some of them can be not kidding. Some individuals being cured with this drug have had considerations of hurting or committing suicide. Contact your PCP assuming that your mind-set changes for the more awful.


In Treatment of Epilepsy/Seizures

Levitra 500mg Tablet has a place with a gathering of drugs called anticonvulsants (or enemies of epileptics). It works by dialing back electrical signs in the mind which cause seizures (fits). This medication can be utilized to control different kinds of seizures — myoclonic, fractional beginning, and essentially summed up tonic-clonic (or great mal). It can likewise assist with lessening side effects like disarray, wild yanking developments, loss of mindfulness, and dread or tension. The medication can permit you to do a few exercises that you would somehow or another be taboo or frightened to do (like swimming and driving). It can require half a month for this medication to work (on the grounds that the portion must be expanded gradually) and during this time you might in any case have seizures. You ought to keep taking it regardless of whether you feel great and are not having any seizures. Missing doses might set off a seizure. Try not to quit utilizing this medication until your primary care physician prompts you.

Step by step instructions to USE LEVITRA TABLET

Take this drug in the portion and span as exhorted by your doctor. Gulp down it as an entire. Try not to bite, pulverize or smash it. Levitra 500mg Tablet might be taken regardless of food, however taking it at a decent time is better.


Most secondary effects need no clinical consideration and vanish as your body changes with the drug. Counsel your primary care physician assuming they endure or on the other hand in the event that you’re stressed over them

Normal symptoms of Levitra




Cerebral pain

Diminished hunger

Social changes

Forceful way of behaving



Nasal clog (stodgy nose)


This medication ought to be stayed away from in patients who are susceptible to levetiracetam or its constituents; have despondency and kidneys infections; pipedream; have/had a decline of all cell includes in the blood (counting white platelets); and furthermore have self-destructive propensities or mental problems (loss of character and reality).

Levitra 500mg Tab ought to be utilized as recommended by your PCP and it is to be taken regardless of food as exhorted by your PCP. Gulp down the medication as an entire and don’t bite, squash or break it.

Co-operations with different medications

This medication can interface with many drugs like acetaminophen, methotrexate, propoxyphene, ibuprofen, caffeine, buprenorphine, naloxone and sodium oxybate. In this way, staying away from these medicines is ideal.

Capacity and removal of Levitra 500 MG

Store Levitra 500mg Tab at room temperature in the given pack and safeguard it from light. dampness and kids. Try not to toss terminated drugs through any sorts of wastewater.

Measurement of Levitra 500 MG


One of the most well-known Levitra 500mg Tab glut side effects with this infection is tiredness. Different side effects incorporate tension, animosity, diminished awareness, shortness of breath and unconsciousness. Look for crisis clinical consideration or call your PCP in such an instance of such side effects.

Missed a Dose

Take the missed portion of Levitra 500mg Tab promptly when you review it. Be that as it may, assuming the ideal opportunity for the looming portion, the missed portion ought to be skipped and the normal dosing plan is to be.

Cautioning and PRECAUTIONS


LEVITRA 500MG is viewed as safe for use by pregnant ladies. Counseling your primary care physician prior to taking it is encouraged.



LEVITRA 500MG isn’t suggested for use in breastfeeding ladies except if vital. Inspect the dangers and advantages with your doctor..



LEVITRA 500MG may cause languor. Drive or handle no machines while taking this medication.



Try not to drink liquor while taking LEVITRA 500MG as it might cause dizziness, tiredness, or trouble in focus.



LEVITRA 500MG isn’t suggested in patients with dynamic kidney illnesses.


LEVITRA 500MG ought to be involved with alert in patients experiencing liver capacity impedance or dynamic liver illnesses. Counsel your primary care physician for guidance.



Try not to take in the event that you are unfavorably susceptible (extremely touchy) to Levetiracetam or any of the different fixings in LEVITRA 500MG.


Coronary illness

LEVITRA 500MG isn’t suggested in patients with dynamic heart sicknesses.

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