Can I Take 2 sildenafil A Day

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Can I Take 2 sildenafil A Day

Sildenafil has a standing as a protected and compelling answer for erectile brokenness, and that standing has just developed over the course of the a long time since it initially entered the market.

In numerous ways, sildenafil could be viewed as a marvel drug for its general viability and security. Yet, that standing doesn’t mean you ought to dismiss security data and clinical proposals. Regardless of that, certain individuals may erroneously accept that Viagra is protected to the point of misusing by taking on numerous occasions in a day.

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Can I Take 2 sildenafil A Day

It all makes sense to us: as an ED medicine,sildenafil is more than a little flawed: the pill gives you one dependable meeting a day, yet from that point onward, you’re stuck trusting that a clock will run out.

Assuming this sounds recognizable, you’re presumably here pondering a basic inquiry: might I at any point require two Viagra pills around the same time, or simultaneously.

Could you at any point take two Viagra pills without a moment’s delay? All things considered, not exactly no. There are a couple of cases where it very well may be alright, yet these are uncommon exemptions for the standards you ought to keep.

Before we investigate why taking two pills is by and large an impractical notion, we should initially investigate what Viagra is, and the way that it works.

Erections and Erectile Dysfunction

The best spot to begin with understanding this Viagra question is presumably with the focal person in the story: your penis, and how it works.

You get an erection when bloodstream to the penis increases, and the blood becomes caught in the corpora cavernosa: two enormous chambers implied for swelling like blowing up. Excitement conveys messages from your cerebrum to the veins in your penis to begin the cycle, which brings about your part becoming engorged, giving you an erection.

Erectile brokenness is any condition that intrudes on the most common way of getting hard. A great deal of variables can be influencing everything in giving you erectile brokenness: coronary illness, hypertension, nervousness, drug use, elevated cholesterol, corpulence, sexual execution tension and even diabetes.

The NIH characterizes erectile brokenness as a “condition in which you can’t get or keep an erection firm enough for agreeable sex.” ED is a typical condition — the National Institutes of Health gauges 30 million men experience some level of ED cross country.

What Is Viagra?

Viagra is the first current ED drug. The conventional rendition of Viagra (sildenafil) is a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor — a medication that supports enlargement and blood stream in the penis, bringing about firmer, complete erections.

Viagra is an in-the-second sort of prescription. While contender Cialis (tadalafil) can labour for a day or more, Viagra is best required in somewhere around 30 minutes of closeness, as indicated by the National Library of Medicine.

Around 70% of men answer well to PDE5 inhibitors, however it’s to a great extent subject to the wellspring of your concern. Men with “no recognizable natural reason” by and large toll the best, with a 90 percent achievement rate.


Twofold The Pills, Double The Risk

Considering the way this functions, it could seem as though taking a twofold portion would give a twofold advantage. Tragically, that is one of numerous risky sensible false notions with regards to ED drugs: taking two pills won’t make your erection two times as hard, or two times as huge — it’s about to goal your gamble of aftereffects to twofold.


As per the FDA, Viagra is endorsed in specific measurements in light of a medical services proficient master clinical assessment of what you really want to capacity, and there are for the most part three portions you’ll see on market: 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg.


At the point when you get rolling at a twofold portion, you increment your gamble of aftereffects — and the expected seriousness.

Can I Take 2 sildenafil A Day

Aftereffects for sildenafil incorporate an assortment of things with a scope of seriousness, yet features incorporate cerebral pains, dazedness, rashes, and unexpected drops in circulatory strain. While this could seem like an advantage in the event that you have hypertension, it’s really not — these drops can cause demise, particularly when sildenafil is blended in with other pulse prescriptions.


Here is another secondary effect that you don’t need: an erection that goes on for a considerable length of time. Likewise called “priapism,” longer-than-typical erections can for all time harm your penis, which is certainly not the sort of progress you believe this medication should bring to your sexual coexistence. Regardless, in the event that you at any point experience an erection enduring in excess of a couple of hours, you ought to see a specialist right away.


Some ED victims could wrongly accept that taking a twofold portion could supersede excitement issues, too. That is false. PDE-5 inhibitors only make the legitimate circumstances for an erection, however excitement actually needs to occur for you to get hard, intending that assuming you’re experiencing wretchedness or another mental issue forestalling excitement, this pill won’t fix that — regardless of whether you take two.


At the point when You Can Take Viagra More Than Once

Is there ever an occasion while taking two pills is smart? All things considered, not actually.


However, there are a few restricted settings where you could take two Viagra pills immediately. For example, in the event that you’re at first endorsed a low portion (25 mg) and your medical services proficient builds your solution to 50 mg, you could take two pills immediately, assuming the medical services proficient says it’s OK.

Can I Take 2 sildenafil A Day

Yet, all things considered, they ought not be scattered over the course of the day — even the Viagra site explicitly cautions against taking Viagra at least a time or two every day.


This is an exceptionally restricted setting wherein two pills might at any point be alright — anything beyond that (and especially without a specialist’s proposal) is risky.

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